Simplifying Roaming

Our portfolio combines the power of our Network, Clearing, and Business Management products to create unique value at both the retail and wholesale level. We call it the ‘Plus’ portfolio.

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Accelerating LTE

Our Solutions accelerate the rollout of LTE without the need for long testing cycles

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Financial Clearing

Our new Financial Clearing solution revolutionizes how you control the clearing process. We have turned what has traditionally been a black box process into a completely transparent and interactive process.

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Actionable Analytics

Our Analytics not only mine big Data but also act on it, creating new levels of granularity in how you drive revenue from your business

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Starhome Mach drives mobility forward, adding value through enabling technologies for global and cloud connectivity.


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14/10/2014 Tango S.A. Chooses Starhome Mach’s Financial Clearing Solution

Delivers the Transparency and Traceability Tango S.A. Requires

22/07/2014 Starhome Mach: Operators Losing Out on Major Revenue

Real-time analytics reveal 68% of roamers still silent globally, and 58% within EU. Solution lies within its network and clearing integration.

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