Partner Management

Starhome Mach’s Unity portal presents you with a unique overview of your roaming business. Unity gives you access to several business management modules and analytical possibilities, but the basis of Unity is a full partner management and account management solution. Unity provides you with possibilities to keep track of and manage all your partners and their group structure, your partner contacts and all documents relevant for specific partners. Combining these capabilities with existing KPIs and traffic information, available in Unity, you will have a full overview of all your partners’ data in one central point.

Unity Partner management can be broken down into three categories: Partner Information Management, Contact Management, and a Document Management solution.

  • Partner info
    The partner information in Unity gives you an overview of your partners and displays the hierarchy of the group to which this partner belongs. It will show you all relevant information regarding your partner and their networks, including relevant network information such as TAP codes.
  • Contact management
    Manage all your industry and partner contacts. Get your BA.19 contacts automatically populated in the system and share your own contact details with other portal users. Maintain your partner’s contact details in the portal, you can either share them with your colleagues or keep them private. Furthermore, Unity’s contact management solution will provide you with the possibility of keeping a log of all actions or communications per contact.
  • Document management
    Store all relevant documents regarding your partner, your agreement with your partner or relevant industry document such as BA.19s, TADIG test reports or IR.21s in the document management section of the portal and share these documents between companies and within your company.


  • Contact management
  • Document management
  • Partner overview
  • Event logging per contact


  • Partner overview integrated with Partner KPIs
  • Partner information integrated in agreement management
  • Documents automatically stored under the right service and partner
  • Share your contact details or event log between you and your colleagues