Traffic Analytics

The extensive Starhome Mach analytical portfolio comprises of several modules to help you to manage your roaming business. All modules are available in an online reporting tool that is integrated into the Unity portal.

The traffic analytics module called Smart uses TAP records as an input. Depending on your role, you might need to check your traffic trends regularly, make sure all TAP Files are processed accordingly or study specific traffic call patterns. Smart turns raw TAP Files information into valuable reports to support you in these needs.

Smart helps you to analyze your revenue, cost and traffic behavior per partner and country. You choose how you want to see the data, from a high level perspective to the most detailed operational reporting. Smart is fully integrated into Unity as a reporting tool and as a service dashboard that gives you an immediate overview of your business.


  • Overview of your revenue, cost and traffic patterns of your entire roaming business
  • A set of out-of-box reports for each service, from regular traffic analysis to advanced queries
  • Customization of reports and user profiles
  • Export function to various formats
  • Automation through e-mail subscriptions and alerts


  • Be constantly aware of what’s happening on your network
  • Get immediate KPI’s alert, quickly fix issues and don’t miss revenue
  • Easily customize your reports and share them with your team
  • No need to invest time and money in an in-house Business Intelligence tool