We are proud to support the many regional and working groups that make up the mobile and roaming industry. We believe in membership organizations and respect the work they do. We aren’t silent members; we participate! We believe that growth comes first and foremost from a solid standards foundation on which unique businesses can be built.

Active participation in industry associations is part of our responsibility to customers to help bring new technologies to the global market.

We participate in the following:

  • GSM Association: Working Groups/Taskforces/Projects
    • WAS – Wholesale Agreements & Solutions Group
    • CPWP – Charging Principles Working Party
    • ERRI3 – EU Roaming Regulation III
    • FCSIG – Financial Clearing and Settlement Interest Group
    • FF – Fraud Forum
    • FR – Fraud Roaming
    • IWG – Interconnect Working Group
    • IREG – Interworking Roaming Experts Group
    • RILTE – Roaming in LTE RING – Roaming Innovation Group
    • TADIG – Transferred Account Data Interchange Group TDS – Traffic Detail Subgroup
  •  GSM Association: Regional Interest Groups
    • Asia Pacific
    • Latin America
    • North America
    • Arab World