Analytics for Data Clearing

With decreasing margins, and an increasing number of partners and discounts deals, it is crucial for operators to always have an overview of their business. Starhome Mach’s advanced analytical solution with the Unity portal and analytical environment provides operators with a top down view of their business. Since operators have pressure on their resource a top down view is extremely important. It offers

  • Alerts that are based on thresholds and proactively show unexpected changes
  • High-level business dashboard directly in the portal environment
  • Dashboards in the analytical environment that can be edited and changed by you
  • Full reporting layer on partner and subscriber levels 

The data clearing reporting layer is fully integrated with the deal analytics solution making sure you can run combined analyses on both solutions.The result is that without losing the capability to drill down to the lowest level and do all the analysis yourself, the Starhome Mach solution is geared towards proactive analysis. This ensures that you can analyze results instead of building and running reports every day. 

Unity dashboard