Starhome Mach’s Response to Survey Results

Enterprise IoT services represent a huge market opportunity and growth potential for CSPs. SHM cover

This year’s survey of readers shows that service continuity is a major challenge when it comes to optimizing IoT connectivity and services. Survey respondents are clearly apprehensive when it comes to the CSPs ability to deliver a seamless solution that includes connectivity, visibility, control and security. 60% of readers do not believe that current cellular networks are ready to fully support IoT.

The overwhelming majority of the audience concur that CSPs must be able to ensure seamless connectivity services; 88% say it is important that there CSPs implement systematic mechanisms to identify, prevent, predict and alert customers to avoid service disruption in areas such as resource optimization, security and fraud. Starhome Mach’s HD-IoT platform provides a comprehensive Service Continuity and Security Solution for IoT connectivity.

Ninety-five percent of survey respondents regard the ability to identify the activity and requirements of individual IoT devices as important. HD-IoT enables MNOs to monitor traffic, analyze behavior, identify device types (domestic, inbound, outbound, localized) and detect any QoS issues. In addition, HD-IoT ensures uninterrupted connectivity with real-time anti-fraud, usage control, hybrid steering and real-time connectivity re-initiation.

Starhome Mach’s service continuity solutions enable cooperation between roaming and IoT business stakeholders by adapting steering methods and behavior to specific device types and needs. Network connectivity can be streamlined by virtualizing network and IT capabilities for seamless deployment.