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Starhome Mach Launches Real-time Business Analytics Reports and Dashboards

New dashboards and reports help operators to better control and manage their global connectivity business  

Zurich, September 26th, 2017 – Starhome Mach’s new Insights analytical tool is now available for all Starhome Mach network services. Insights is powered by the most advanced analytical platform available in the market.

With Insights, Starhome Mach customers now have a seamless and simple way to extract vital information about their business to gain real-time business, operational and technical insights. As opposed to traditional reports with very limited flexibility, Insights is an effective, flexible sophisticated tool that meets the needs of different users for different types of data and analysis. The value of the network service is significantly increased with a greatly improved user experience.

Insights includes a set of real-time customizable dashboards developed by Starhome Mach, based on the company’s vast experience and interaction with operators, to meet typical requirements. The new real-time dashboards provide different departments within the operators with a clear view of their global connectivity business. Real-time insights into the global quality of user experience, suspicious and potential fraud activity, distribution of roaming activity and many more, enable the operators to take immediate action and impact their business in real-time.

“In our frequent interaction with our very large and varied customer base, Starhome Mach identified the need for a tool for real-time deep analysis and filtering of data generated by our network services,” said Shounit Swisa, Starhome Mach VP Products and Pre-Sales “As part of our customer centric approach, we have developed Insights which not only meets this need but is also a platform to meet future challenges”.

About Starhome Mach

Starhome Mach enables seamless and secure roaming and IoT connectivity. In 1999 Starhome Mach revolutionized the Mobile industry with the introduction of its game changing international roaming solutions. With an exceptional customer base that encompasses more than 300 mobile network operators in over 130 countries, including 24 leading telecom groups, Starhome Mach provides a comprehensive portfolio of value-added global roaming for wholesale and retail, clearing, IoT connectivity and real-time anti-fraud solutions. Starhome Mach’s innovative solutions overcome the complex challenges and unexpected obstacles of the hyper-connected world to drive real-time business impact and deliver outstanding user experience. Simple as that.

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