Campaign Management – Sparx

The Starhome Mach Sparx™ solution is a micro-segmentation campaign management tool that promotes subscriber roaming usage and prevents bill shock by providing roamers with a unique way to keep their data usage spending in check, in real time.

Sparx sends micro-segmented roaming campaigns to outbound subscribers based on their unique profiles, usage behavior, roaming history and parameters such as location and time. Additionally, Sparx incorporates real-time roaming analysis with advanced capabilities to identify and target specific roaming groups.

Sparx’s roaming campaign versatility will not only enhance mobile operators’ roaming offerings and communication, but will also quickly establish a real-time relationship with their customers to provide a better user experience.

LTE campaign management for inbound and outbound roaming
For effective marketing campaigns in a diverse roaming environment, the Starhome Mach Sparx4G™ solution is best of breed. Sparx4G employs micro-segmentation to send the correct message to a specific segment, based on those subscribers’ profiles.  Sparx takes into consideration subscribers’ devices, the network in which they are roaming and the network technology. Sparx promotes true high speed data access in cities and locations where LTE is available to roamers with heavy data usage patterns.

Sparx enables mobile operators to differentiate themselves in competitive markets by initiating a unique, friendly and informative dialogue with international travelers. The solution promotes new revenue growth and delivers a significant improvement to the user experience.


  • Dynamic campaign selection according to:
    • Location
    • Time
    • Usage thresholds s request
    • User’s profile
  • Comprehensive analysis tools
    • Measurement of campaign’s impact
    • Simulation
  • Multi triggers
    • Real-time and dynamic events
    • Micro-segmentation creation based on operator’s business rules
    • Ad hoc campaigns in real-time based on roamer’s profile
  • Multi-campaign types:
    • Information
    • Tariff
    • Promotion
  • Cross media system delivers SMS, flash SMS, email, voice, web


Benefits of micro-segmented mobile promotions

  • Increases operators’ revenues, and delivers a significant improvement in the user experience
  • Promotes operator offerings and third- party solutions
  • Prevents bill shock while encouraging data usage
  • Dynamic event campaigns per user ensures maximum results
  • Increases customer satisfaction by providing a real service
  • Competitive advantage
  • Flexible solution which can interface with additional VAS applications
  • Unified interactive solution which includes all outbound communication services
  • Effective personalized messaging to cut spam