Data Clearing

Starhome Mach Data Clearing comprises standard verification, validation, conversion and processing of roaming billing files in full accordance with the industry requirements, ensuring that files are promptly, accurately and efficiently delivered to the mobile operators. Starhome Mach sets up, tests and operates all the connectivity required with the clients’ roaming partners for the exchange of TAP files. Through Starhome Mach , clients have one single point of access to all roaming partners, other clearing houses and roaming hubs in the market.

To reduce the leakage in roaming revenues due to wrong data exchange and delays in transfer of TAP files, Starhome Mach Data Clearing provides clients with repairs of many TAP errors, configurable validation thresholds plus an online TAP file control tool integrated in the Unity portal. Daily reports are also available for reporting all missing, pending and rejected files.

According to clients’ specific needs, standard data clearing can be enhanced by additional flexible data management services enabling operators to be strongly competitive. An essential service is IOT Check and the possibility to apply IOT repairs. This service prevents incorrectly priced data to enter the billing systems of clients and to send wrongly charged records to roaming partners. Therefore it eliminates revenue loss due to sending undercharged records to roaming partners and prevents subscriber churn due to incorrect charging. This reliable validation performed in strict accordance with the IOT defined in the bilateral roaming agreements allows the definition of several and customised handling scenarios in case of error findings. Moreover, a dedicated team of IOT analysts monitor the cases of IOT discrepancies beyond configurable tolerance levels.


  • TAP file validation service operated in full accordance with the industry requirements. Additionally apply business oriented rules with built-in repair functionality. And configurable validation of IOT charges, taxes and exchange rates used by mobile operators.
  • Conversion services between TAP releases and between TAP and proprietary formats, including Starhome Mach Billing Format.
  • Rejects and Returns process with an extended RAP support service that aims at reducing the operational tasks and effort in the roaming operations to handle the investigation and analysis of RAP files exchanged for both inbound and outbound roaming.
  • Online file control tool integrated in Unity for tracking, search and download TAP and RAP files.
  • Online call record search and retrieval tool giving access to the individual TAP records processed and loaded at the clearing house.
  • File split service that allows for the separation of different categories of subscribers like own subscribers and MVNO or Dual IMSI subscribers.
  • Online business intelligence that provides a centralized and advanced reporting capability.
  • RTDR (Roaming Traffic Data Report) support between Starhome Mach and financial clearing house and roaming hubs used by the client.
  • Roaming File Editor, a desktop application that enables users to view, edit, validate and perform miscellaneous other operations on TAP, RAP & NRTRDE files through a rich Graphical User Interface (GUI).



  • Compliance with GSMA Standards, Starhome MACH being an active member of GSMA working groups.
  • Performance and scalability based on proven platform and technology.
  • Operational excellence that minimizes operational efforts to produce and exchange TAP files with roaming partners
  • Revenue protection thanks to flexible validation and repair rules; plus alerting functionality when file processing or traffic anomalies occur.
  • Competitive advantage using rich reporting and analytics tools.