Data Cost Prevention

Mobile handsets often generate roaming data sessions unintentionally or in the case of prepaid roaming, when there is insufficient balance.

Inadvertent roaming data charges can occur due app behavior such as automatic refresh of background apps (such as Facebook) that initiate frequent data sessions. Another reason is when subscribers access their operators’ free-of-charge URLs.

These types of sessions result in wholesale data costs which the home network cannot recover by charging subscribers. This gap can amount to substantial losses.

Starhome Mach’s Data Cost Prevention Service allows the home network to prevent unnecessary data wholesale costs.

The solution lets operators disable the initiation of data sessions for roamers who are not authorized to use roaming data, who are roaming in specific networks, or who are unlikely to purchase roaming data services.


  • Real-time interrogation with external platforms for subscriber’s profile and status
  • Service activation per network or country, based on operator’s business decisions and roaming wholesale agreements
  • Single or bulk upload of subscriber communities to differentiate service logic
  • Combines standard SS7 passive and active methods to fit any operator network
  • Flexible deployment models – on premise or Starhome Mach private cloud


  • Protects roaming wholesale margins by minimizing unrecoverable wholesale charges for data roaming usage
  • Allows operators to provide free-of-charge browsing (to landing pages) only in certain networks
  • Easy and rapid implementation
  • Immediate effect on roaming profitability