Deal Analytics

Today’s competitive roaming market is pushing operators to optimize margins – with discount deals playing an important role in this.  Discount deals for groups, as well as at single MNO levels, help to decrease wholesale costs. Nevertheless, the management of these discount deals is difficult and impacts your steering strategy and your financial and clearing processes. Starhome Mach’s Deal Analytics is designed to help you negotiate, track and settle your discount deals.


When you are negotiating deals, you want to make sure you understand how much traffic you have in a country, how many deals you or your colleagues already have in this country and what your deal conditions are both for inbound and for outbound. Based on this you can make a good decision whether this deal is good for you or not. Groups and deals spanning multiple countries complicate this further

Starhome Mach’s deal management allows you to enter a deal in less than a minute with all the deal models supported in a single screen.

Once you enter the deal and your commitments, the tool will allow you to simulate the deal. Here you can compare your deal with previous deals you had in this country and see the impact of your deal on the other deals in this country, or see the timelines of all these deals while you change the parameters, traffic distribution and traffic in this country. 

Simulating your deal


Both for the roaming manager and the finance department it is important to follow up the deal, since settlement of the deal with the partner normally happens only after the deal period has ended. So the accrued values are extremely important for the finance department and can impact the total margins for the company.

The roaming manager also needs to know whether commitments have been met and to decide whether they would like to steer traffic differently.

With a full set of proactive alerts, the system warns you of changes in the deal, notification period reached or deal period ended. Furthermore, the tool provides you with a full forecast of all your traffic and applies this to the deal allowing you to forecast whether you will meet your commitments. The flexible online GUI allows you to adjust your forecast within seconds and help you to make business decisions on the spot and therefore optimize your roaming margins.

A full set of reports (commercial tracking, accrual reports) enables the roaming manager and the finance department to track their deals and financial aspects

Settlement of deals

Deal analytics is built on the Unity portal together with Data clearing and Financial Clearing. Once a deal period has ended the deal needs to be reconciled and settled. While Deal Analytics supports all these statuses in the tool itself, the actual settlement can be performed by the Starhome Mach Financial Clearing system if required. There is a seamless integration with financial clearing to make sure settlement of the deals will follow the standard financial clearing process. Since both Data Clearing, Financial Clearing and Deal Analytics use the same platform no additional configuration is required. This enables the roaming manager and finance manager to follow the process from the simulation until the actual payment in the Starhome Mach system.


  • Support of all common discount models
  • Simulation of potential discount scenarios
  • Tracking of established discount deals
  • Integration with retail analytical tools
  • Groups and single MNO features


  • Management and integration of all your deals
  • Optimization of wholesale margins
  • Fast and effective preparation for your negotiations