Financial Clearing & Settlement

Financial Clearing & Settlement – What’s in it for you?

Starhome Mach’s Financial Clearing solution guarantees transparency and traceability for all transactions through integration with the Starhome Mach’s Business Management solution (Unity). This provides a clear, actionable view of each stage of the clearing and settlement process, including easy approval or rejection of invoices, credits/debits notes, payments and much more…

  • Cash Optimization 

Cross-cycle netting optimizes payments between roaming partners, balancing receipts and payments over time. The netting can be performed manually or based on rules and can be applied across partners, periods and services. Allows decreasing the outstanding amount, reducing fund exposure and improving cash management disputes resolution. In addition, a simplification of the funding process means that operators maintain complete control of their cash throughout the payment process.

  • Flexibility

Operating at group, custom group, company and network operator level, the solution provides complete coverage of the Financial Clearing and Settlement process and full visibility at multiple levels. Interested to know what is the total outstanding with a specific group or with your preferred roaming partners? For a specific currency or debt age? This is now possible in 1 click!

  • Transparency

The actions of the clearing house are transparent to the operator providing clarity on invoice and debt chasing as well as dispute resolution. Everything is visible online. The operator can also use the log events at its own convenience and facilitate information sharing within and between the finance and roaming team.

  • Seamless operations

All Starhome Mach clearing services, including Financial Clearing & Settlement, use the same corporate data foundation, which means seamless management of all the roaming agreements, changes and status at any time.

  • Worry-free experience

The operator can benefit from an experienced and committed finance team striving to provide operational excellence and quality delivery.

Moreover, Starhome Mach offers a centralized 24/7 support backed by a large back-office organization.

  • Seamless wholesale management – the perfect combination!

The Financial Clearing & Settlement service is integrated with Deal Analytics . (This allows the operator to benefit from an end to end wholesale management solution from the creation of a deal, through tracking, to settlement. All credit notes and debit notes generated after the deal reconciliation is done are available online for an easy view, approval, rejection, download and monitoring throughout the financial clearing and settlement process.

Gain quick and easy access to your Financial
Clearing Business’s key performance indicators


Stay in control of your finances by
managing your payments online!

FCH - Graphical Summary


FCH - Graphical Summary




  • One common database across data clearing and financial clearing
  • Settlement in multiple currencies
  • Operating at group and individual operator level
  • Easy approval or rejection of invoices, credits/debits notes, and payments


  • Drive, influence or control the processes
  • Modernized User Experience integrated with Unity framework
  • Full visibility throughout financial clearing process including Group View
  • Single platform for single clearing activity
  • Day by day build of financial position – stay in control of your finances
  • No hidden Fx charges