Gateway Location Register

The mobile telecom market is becoming more competitive, pushing operators to seek out various means to optimize their roaming signaling costs and increase inbound roaming traffic to maximize revenues.

The Starhome Mach Gateway Location Register™ solution (GLR ) provides the VPMN with a legitimate method to significantly reduce the amount of signaling messages sent via its signaling provider to HPMNs. This reduction enables the operator to control inbound roamers’ activities within the network while avoiding unnecessary HPMN involvement.


GLR LTE reduces the large number of registration attempts towards the HPMN caused by simultaneous GSM and LTE registrations. This prevents interruptions due to circuit switched fallback to 2G and 3G when visitors registered on LTE networks make or receive calls.

The net results are: a high call completion success rate and increased quality of service, reduced call setup duration and assurance that data services will be available for LTE subscribers during calls.



  • Enhanced 3GPP Gateway Location Register platform
  • Telco-grade platform with real-time and high capacity support
  • Geographically distributed architecture
  • Monitors and identifies gaps in the coverage of your inbound roamers
  • Enhanced:
    • Management tools
    • Statistics
    • Forecast algorithms


  • Increases VPMN’s inbound market share and revenues
    • Keeps inbound roamers on your network:
    • Increases average visit duration
    • Minimizes HPMN steering attempts
  • Provides real-time control and information on inbound roaming
    • Supports business decisions and targets in IOT negotiations.
  • Reduces your international signaling costs.