HD-IoT Billing

Wholesale Optimization and Split Billing

Clearing billing records between operators can be a challenging and costly process. Since transactions tend to be very short but frequent, traditional clearing models have been shown to negatively impact margins for IoT simply because too many billing records are created.

Starhome Mach’s HD-IoT Billing handles the explosion of IoT clearing traffic by optimizing IoT wholesale charges and increasing the profit margin of IoT services.

The service also enables complex split billing for multi user scenarios that are a part of the IoT ecosystem, thereby providing additional revenue streams for the operator.

MNOs can now support and optimize M2M and IoT settlement by incorporating Starhome Mach’s expertise and exceptional data clearing and financial clearing services.

HD-IoT Billing

  • Optimizes and simplifies M2M/IoT operations of global and domestic operators
  • Simplifies financial processes, enabling easier reconciliation and fewer disputes
  • Facilitates diverse pricing and re-rating for different enterprises and partners
  • Enables complex billing, re-rating and pricing for multiple-entity charging scenarios (split billing)
  • Ensures unified reporting from wholesale to retail (B2B2C)