HD-IoT Identity

SIM Identity Independence

One of the methods in use today for managing the global logistics and cost issues of M2M/IoT enterprises is eSIM – an embedded SIM for downloading a virtual identity (virtual SIM) to the SIM card which changes a device’s network affiliation.

M2M service providers that overlay multiple MNOs are in a unique position to offer these capabilities to their enterprise customers since they can achieve an ‘MNO overlay play’.

Starhome Mach’s HD-IoT Identity uses either device subscription management or an MNO’s existing multi-SIM solution to handle SIM download or SIM swap dynamically. It enables the MNO, as lead identity provider, to maintain its customer relationship with the enterprise while providing a local SIM solution that can be monitored, controlled and charged. As a host identity provider, MNOs can provide alternatives to permanent roaming situations, and supply services to other MNOs acting as lead identity providers to their own enterprises. 

HD-IoT Identity

  • Prevents churn, allowing the MNO to remain the enterprise owner
  • Manages SIM download or SIM swap dynamically, both as lead identity provider (customer owner, outbound) and as host identity provider (inbound)
  • Supports different SIM download triggering behavior policies for different enterprise customers, different device types, and specific requirements such as service level, cost, or regulation
  • Enables real-time control and SLAs between the lead MNO and the secondary MNO
  • Generates revenue by hosting other MNO devices and avoiding permanent roaming regulation penalties