HD-IoT Platform

Today, M2M/IoT is one of the most important growth engines. Tapping into its huge potential, MNOs are trying to scale up, capture as much market share as possible, and monetize this market.

To better derive revenues from their assets for a wide range of M2M/IoT enterprise requirements, operators need to isolate M2M/IoT on all levels, from infrastructure to business processes.

Starhome Mach HD-IoT provides a unique holistic approach that supports M2M business growth. Using a unique service orchestration platform for domestic and global M2M/IoT deployments, it enables operators to differentiate and wrap their assets in revenue-generating sellable packages.

With the HD-IoT™ Platform, MNOs can choose whether to enable connectivity services within the network to optimize margins and enhance QoS, or to take M2M connectivity services all the way up to the enterprise/vertical level, offering different levels of connectivity and network behavior tailored to devices and customers.

The HD-IoT Platform is the next evolutionary milestone in M2M/IoT. It is designed to isolate and package network assets and attributes, and offer them selectively to the MNO’s enterprise or vertical customer against a tiered charge. A set of HD-IoT business services, each devised to provide solutions to specific business challenges, is implemented atop the platform.

image/svg+xml HD Virtualize HD Steer HD Shield HD Billing HD Identity HD Localize Smart HD Smart HD HD-IoT Realize Optimize Monetize Individualize

These business services incorporate Starhome Mach essential capabilities, from IT to core network, such as the well-connected hybrid access steering platforms, the DCH platform, wholesale optimization techniques, network virtualization services, and fraud and Storm protection services.

The platform integrates with the operator’s CRM system and M2M lifecycle management platform (if such exists), and supports integration with application-enablement providers, device-management providers, and subscription-management vendors. This allows operators to control, tailor and monetize service levels, dynamic identities and network availability, while improving quality and coverage for every device deployed both domestically and globally.

The HD IoT platform effectively helps MNOs to realize and monetize their IoT offering, enabling them to recognize their customers’ needs and provide opportunities to design and implement new revenue-generating VAS. With it, MNOs:

  • Optimize ongoing costs and increase ARPU (Average Revenue per Unit) streamlining operator interdepartmental and IT processes, increasing margins, and becoming much more competitive 
  • Scale up and increase market share smartly managing the volume and traffic side of M2M/IoT, protecting the network, and handling diverse new connectivity models 
  • Generate new revenue identifying potential, and creating, managing and deploying relevant value-added services for which IoT customers will be willing to pay