HD-IoT Localize

Data Localization for Global Scenarios

Starhome Mach’s HD-IoT Localize is a data-localization service that enables operators to provide an alternative to eSIM solutions. Using local network data services rather than sending the data home, it is ideal for data cost optimization (using a local data resource) or class-of-service requirements (for example, bandwidth or latency).

HD-IoT Localize allows MNOs to retain their enterprise customers and maintain full control while providing local data services that can be monitored, managed and charged. Alternatively, they can provide local data services to other MNO customers as an inbound service.

With HD-IoT Localize, operators can publish and market local data services for different enterprise customers and different device types, both as the customer owner and as a host.

HD-IoT Localize

  • Optimizes data costs
  • Generates revenue by hosting other MNO devices as local data users
  • Enhances roaming class of service
  • Provides an excellent alternative to eSIM solutions by enabling local data without a local identity