HD-IoT Virtualize

Simplify IoT Logistics and Time to Market

One of the key aspects in attracting new customers today is simplifying and accelerating the M2M logistics process for enterprises by deploying and managing M2M/IoT services.

Starhome Mach’s HD-IoT network virtualization service is designed to streamline IoT services. It enables MNOs to market network-specific services to their enterprises by providing a virtualized level of network capabilities like device class of service, M2M device troubleshooting, or data rerouting, which can be marketed as a range of sellable products.

HD-IoT Virtualize offers dynamic profile management that is independent of the HLR, a virtualized class of service based on APN management logistics, and network APIs for self-management and troubleshooting.

With HD-IoT Virtualize, global and domestic MNOs can provide different levels of service for different device types based on criticality. For example, a crucial medical device should always be allowed to connect, whereas a vending machine can be blocked in case of network traffic overload.

HD-IoT Virtualize

  • Streamlines network connectivity services by virtualizing network and IT capabilities for seamless deployment
  • Supports tailored deployment, enabling MNOs to market network and IT services to enterprises, including class of service or data rerouting for different service needs
  • Enables bilateral cooperation between IT/network and M2M business stakeholders