National Roaming Optimizer

When subscribers are in areas with low coverage of the home network where other national partner networks have good coverage their handsets may select the national partner network.

Operators have roaming agreements with other operators in the same country, yet there may be areas where other networks have better coverage, this causes the handset to automatically select this network, causing lost revenue and occasionally customer dissatisfaction.
The operator’s challenge is to identify those national roaming events and then steer the handsets to the home network or to a preferred partner network.

Starhome Mach’s patented National Roaming Optimizer™ (NRO) application utilizes the underlying technology of Starhome Mach’s patented Intelligent Preferred Network® Solution technology as well as Starhome Mach’s field proven experience in steering handsets to preferred networks.

By combining control over the registration attempts of national roaming subscribers with interrogation of HPMN’s network elements, the National Roaming Optimizer application analyzes the sequence of roaming events thereby identifying the accidental ones. Once identified, the application uses rejection algorithms to steer handsets to the HPMN.


  • Enables operators to prevent national partner networks from registering subscribers.
  • The service is based on both border VLR and border cells.


With National Roaming Optimizer operators can:

  • Maintain more traffic and resulting revenues within the network
  • Save on unnecessary extra compensation costs
  • Return national roaming subscribers to the home network at the first opportunity