nConnex is a complete seamless solution for full high quality of service coverage for mobile operator subscribers in all national areas.

Mobile operators’ commitment to ensure that their subscribers have network coverage at all times, wherever they are located, often means using competitor networks.
This usually occurs in overlap areas where there is coverage by one or more networks.
The challenge is to provide the best quality coverage while protecting revenues by retaining or pulling their subscribers back to their network as soon as possible, or by pushing the subscribers to the best cost/quality combination.

nConnex leverages Starhome Mach’s extensive experience as the market leader in steering of roamers (IPN) and other network services to meet these challenges seamlessly in real-time. With nConnex mobile operators are able to provide the best experience to their subscribers wherever they roam nationally, with the lowest possible cost to the operator.


  • Improved customer quality of experience and satisfaction
  • Accurate real-time optimization of costs and revenues
  • Efficient use of resources


Typical Cases of National Overlap Areas