Starhome Mach’s solution for near real-time roaming data exchange, called Data Express, enables operators to address roaming fraud on both outbound and inbound roaming by providing NRTRDE files to roaming partners and by giving each operator greater visibility of their own roaming subscribers.

Data Express is fully compliant with the GSMA’s TD.35 specification for NRTRDE, meeting the requirements at a very competitive price. The service is well established, with clients using Data Express in every populated continent of the World. Starhome Mach’s central monitoring of the service ensures that operators are confident in its operation and its reliability.

What it does

Data Express works by frequently transferring small files of roaming CDRs between the visited and home network. On a global scale, Data Express acts as the NRTRDE hub. It provides mobile operators with an infrastructure with global reach for the exchange of Near Real Time (NRT) roaming data by connecting to a single NRTRDE hub. This solution overcomes the challenges and costs of interworking with varying or proprietary formats exchanged between mobile operators worldwide.

Starhome Mach’s NRTRDE file-flow monitoring uses standardized and documented processing procedures and includes the appropriate escalation process in the event that MACH engineers detect any problems with the flow of NRTDE files. This ensures that clients have a high quality NRTRDE file flow and maximize liability protection in case of committed fraud.


  • Full compliance with TD.35, 24x7x365
  • File validation & File format conversion
  • High availability and reliability
  • Browser access to data and reporting
  • Value added features for Rating, data correction and filtering
  • Ease of integration with fraud detection


  • Operational excellence – Helping you to minimize your development and operational efforts to produce and exchange NRTRDE files with your roaming partners
  • Faster and more reliable exchange – more direct connections to more partners, increases reliability and control through direct access and tracking of data
  • Reduced risk – With superior SLAs, partner liability fraud claims are minimized
  • Ability to deploy in more complex scenarios, such as hubs or Dual-IMSI environments
  • Rich reporting and analytics – providing a package of different reports for business and operational purposes