Optimal Voicemail Deposit

The  Starhome Mach Optimal Voicemail Deposit™* solution eliminates the cost of calls to voicemail whilst roaming but still enables mobile operators to increase revenue and improve the caller’s experience.

The solution utilizes the advanced call control technology and direct late call forwarding capabilities of Starhome Mach’s IntelliGate™ Service Mobility Platform, which is integrated in the operator’s network via the GMSC intelligent network (IN) or ISDN user part (ISUP) (Service Node) signaling.

The EU Regulation  states that roamers should not be charged for voicemail deposits (paragraph #22). The Starhome Mach solution fully complies with these requirements while also leveraging additional revenue for the operator.

* The core technology of the Optimal Voicemail Deposit solution is patented in several countries.


  • No dependency on VPMNs
  • Supports operator business decisions:
    • Different behavior per VPMN
    • Service provided per roamer segments (prepaid, postpaid, VPN, etc.)
    • Handles multiple call flows simultaneously
  • Unique business case


  • Generates revenue
  • Reduces costs for operators and roamers
  • Improves user satisfaction
    • Provides a “Feel at home” user experience
  • Offloads customer care