Quality of Service Analytics

The extensive Starhome Mach analytical portfolio comprises of several modules to help you to manage your roaming business. All modules are available in an online reporting tool that is integrated into the Unity portal.

The roaming market is evolving and subscriber demands are presenting operators with new challenges to increase their revenue margins. 

Steering is no longer just a matter of sending your subscribers to preferred networks with whom you have wholesale agreements. Operators need to consider potential revenues, usage and QoS in order to maximize the level of customer satisfaction and revenues. Monitoring your quality of service in real time and taking decisive action is critical, for example: steering your VIP customers to a non-preferred network if the quality is better.

Based on signaling information, QoS reporting is made available in the online reporting tool and integrated into Unity.  The dashboard allows you to closely monitor your business KPIs and enables you to configure your own alerts and thresholds to optimize the information flow.


  • Proactive monitoring of true multi-network mobility in a multi technology environment
  • Alerts for QoS
  • Scoring of roaming partners based on historical QoS performance
  • Seamless Intergration to steering platform enables adjustment of steering policy based on real time QoS levels


  • Increases customer satisfaction by proactively identifying QoS problems
  • Protects revenue streams for different voice, data and SMS services