Real-Time Anti-Fraud

Starhome Mach Real-Time Anti-Fraud™ solution effectively prevents roaming fraud, in real time, for inbound and outbound traffic.

The product encompasses several powerful tools to detect, prevent and track fraud on an individual subscriber basis, and can track inbound or outbound roamers based on their origination or destination.  Starhome Mach’s extensive experience in global roaming dialing patterns plays a key role in the Real-Time Anti-Fraud solution. Using this information on dialing patterns, Real-Time Anti-Fraud is able to block dialed numbers even if dialed in local or misdialed format, by any fraudulent users in every country around the globe.


  • Dynamic Roaming Profile management
  • Dialed Number (DN) or range  barring
  • Flexibility to track roamers registering to all networks abroad, or specific black-listed network/countries from where fraud tends to occur


  • Real time action to prevent loss of revenue
  • Ability to block local dialing calls through 1 barring DN rule
  • Complementary to existing fraud systems
  • Fast and simple prevention updates
  • Fully compatible to operator’s network