Real-Time Anti-Fraud

Starhome Mach’s Real-time Anti-fraud is a worry-free solution that detects and prevents International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) in real-time to eliminate fraud losses and protect the MNO’s brand reputation.

With the growing pain of increased IRSF and PBX hacking, operators face several challenges:

  • The need to identify and stop fraudulent calls in real-time
  • The ability to segment subscribers to apply appropriate prevention and detection rules
  • The ability to use global fraud intelligence and numbering plan information

Unlike traditional fraud management systems that identify fraud after the fact by analyzing Call Detail Records (CDRs), Starhome Mach identifies fraud while it happens and it stops it in real-time.

Starhome Mach’s extensive experience in global dialing patterns plays a key role in the Real-time Anti-fraud solution. The solution can be hosted in the cloud or deployed locally, integrated in the operator’s network.

Acting as a service control point within the call flow, it can:

  • Prevent fraudulent calls taking place by applying smart restrictions on roaming and international calls
  • Take real-time decisions about connecting calls to high cost and premium destinations using multiple parameters to prevent loss of revenue
  • Enforce limitations on total duration or number of calls to selected destinations with flexible parameters and customer segmentation as required
  • Stop fraudulent calls that are in progress thus eliminating the risk related to long duration calls
  • Reduce risk of IRSF but also increase revenues by keeping called destinations/countries open for legitimate calls

“Real-time Anti-fraud” was nominated for the 2017 GSMA Global Mobile Awards for Best Mobile Security or Anti-Fraud Solution