Roaming Data Unlock

Nowadays operators frequently offer roaming packages for data as well as voice.  It is even common to see data roaming packages that include free and unlimited data roaming for specific applications such as Waze GPS, WhatsApp Messaging or Outlook Email. Behind these packaging initiatives are agreements with preferred visited networks regarding the costs of guest roaming that will allow for these creative directions.

Despite abundant roaming agreements, subscribers often unwittingly roam to non-preferred networks (which may have better coverage in a certain area) and they are then unknowingly blocked from the roaming service. Operators prefer to block subscribers from data roaming on non-preferred networks because they do not want to incur higher roaming charges and then bill their subscribers for it. But roaming service quality is compromised.

Subscribers expect to have the ability to choose if and when to use data roaming at higher costs and when to be blocked. They expect their operator to inform them of the cost, offer them the choice and not block them automatically from services when needed.

Starhome Mach’s Roaming Data Unlock™ service allows blocked data roaming subscribers to unlock their roaming packages and activate premium services. It blocks subscribers’ data roaming services on high cost visited networks, and is able to interact automatically and directly with blocked subscribers.



  • Data roaming package blocking to control non-preferred network costs
  • Data roaming package unlock capability
  • Direct customer interaction function to offer package opt in and opt out service
  • Fully automated mechanism for customer interaction and data services unblocking / blocking


  • Customer interaction to facilitate opt-in to non-preferred networks
  • Ability to block roamers in non-preferred networks
  • Complementary to existing roaming systems
  • Opt-in / opt-out to services simply and via SMS
  • Easy to maintain
  • Fully compatible to operator’s network
  • Ability to create extra revenues following customer opt-in