Roaming Enabler

Roaming services are still considered by many to be expensive, premium services. For this reason many subscribers choose not to activate roaming by default. Due to potential high roaming charges, some operators choose to block roaming services by default, and only activate roaming after confirmation of the subscriber’s credit and payment method.

In some countries regulatory requirements stipulate that roaming services cannot be activated until the subscriber specifically requests and approves the use of roaming services.

When these non-active subscribers travel abroad, they have no way to activate roaming services. They are not able to register to the visited network and the home network operator is not able to interact with them in order to promote roaming services.

The home operator is not aware these subscribers are trying to register to the visited network . There no indication of their arrival in the visited country. No interaction is possible. No promotion. No packages.

The end result is potential major lost revenues for the operator as well as frustrated, unhappy subscribers who are forced to look for alternate options.

The Starhome Mach Solution

Starhome Mach’s Roaming Enabler™ solution is an end-to-end solution for activating and promoting roaming services, especially designed to activate non-active subscribers who are not allowed to register in visited networks. From the very first step of detection of non-active roamers, through micro-segmented promotion, handling the subscriber’s request for roaming services activation, until successful registration, the Roaming Enabler controls the entire process.

1. Detects the non-active subscriber in the visited network
2. Checks subscriber segment (prepaid, postpaid, corporate) 
3. Creates a temporary “virtual environment” in order to communicate with the subscriber
4. Manages subscriber interaction – Sends relevant promotion with explanation on how to activate
5. Sends confirmation and further instructions
6. Confirms successful registration


  • Seamless to existing network nodes
  • Overcomes network limitations
  • Automatic detection of non-active subscribers
  • Accurate micro-segmentation ensures relevant promotion



  • Stimulates outbound roaming
  • Increases roaming traffic and revenues
  • Increases subscriber satisfaction
  • Supports telco regulations