Segment Analyzer

In the roaming market many users stop using their mobile devices when abroad, particularly where data is concerned. Current statistics show that 80% of all data traffic is generated by 1% of roamers. Furthermore, recent studies show that only 30% of roamers are actually using data which leaves a further 70% of valuable, untapped revenue. These figures represent huge potential income for mobile operators.

The challenge for mobile operators is to: 

  • Identify their entire silent and low-usage roamer segments in real time
  • Evaluate the reasons for this behavior
  • Encourage increased roaming usage, especially for data
  • Identify their valuable segments in real time to preserve revenue and lower costs

Starhome Mach’s Segment Analyzer service, based on a unique combination of information sources, provides you with a complete picture of your silent, low and high usage segments (VIP) to enable you to quantify the challenge and take action to preserve and increase revenue.

The extensive Starhome Mach analytical portfolio comprises of several modules to help you to manage your roaming business. All modules are available in an online reporting tool that is integrated into the Unity portal.


The Silent Roamer module is part of the Segment Analyzer that enables operators to analyze all available subscriber data, including data for silent roamers connected to preferred partner networks. This segment of silent roamers can open up new revenue streams by offering them attractive new campaigns to promote usage.

The detection and analysis of these users is based on signaling and is called silent roamer detection. This module allows you to analyze your “silent” roamers and, based on existing segmentation, assists operators in identifying this untapped revenue potential.


The VIP Module enables operators to perform in depth analysis of the most lucrative subscribers, both for outbound and inbound segments. This module opens a whole new world of possibilities to increase revenues and optimize costs.

With this analysis operators can provide highly tailored marketing offers, spot potential quality of service problem and act accordantly to prevent loss of revenue, and increase wholesale volumes.


  • The solution correlates multi-technology feeds to correctly identify silent and low usage roamers, using MAP , Diameter , TAP , NRTRDE and CDRs
  • Integrated to Campaign Management to promote roaming bundles
  • Steering policy adjustment based on roaming package and wholesale costs


  • Increased usage and revenues
  • In depth understanding of silent & low usage segments Build better packages to encourage usage (MB/location/cost/visit duration)
  • Assist in meeting wholesale commitments
  • Detect regulation/subscription problems
  • Quantify need for real-time roaming activation
  • Prioritize QoS issues in multi-technology environments (LTE-3G)