Service Management

The Monitoring Service offers a different level of monitoring on all System levels (hardware, software, operating system, and application) for Starhome Mach services,

This service is based on our GSOC (Global Services Operations Centers), which are similar to an MNO NMC. The GSOC provides 24/7 monitoring of Starhome Mach products.

RAEX Management
Starhome Mach’s optimized RAEX  Management solution takes operators’ RAEX data to the next level – transforming it into an innovative opportunity to maximize the operators’ effectiveness in everyday business challenges. Starhome Mach’s extensive experience in managing operators’ roaming data lets operators optimize their RAEX data maintenance tasks as well as ensure active usage of their RAEX data to support the key strategic decisions of their roaming’s business.

TADIG Testing
The TADIG Testing service empowers operators to rollout new roaming partners and services with guaranteed full compliance with TADIG standards when exchanging TAP files. Our team performs, as an outsourced service, TADIG validation of incoming and outgoing TAP files for 2G voice and SMS, GPRS, CAMEL, 3G Voice, data and video telephony, LTE testing.