Service Setup

Service Provisioning
Our experts use Starhome Mach’s provisioning tool on behalf of operators to properly configure our products according to their business decisions.

Roaming Information Update
The Roaming Information Update service enables operators to outsource the maintenance of roaming information collection and configuration (e.g. IMSIs, VLRs, MSISDNs, Countries numbering plans and short codes). This valuable service ensures that all mission-critical roaming products are based on accurate roaming data. The Roaming Information data is collected by our unique dedicated Roaming Data Group (RDG).  This team collects roaming information from worldwide sources such as GSMA and ITU-T.

Change Requests
Operational change requests provide the operator with a customized infrastructure modification of its installed product and its integration to its network. This service is applicable in case of network changes and associated operational needs such as: IP Changes, SMSC integration change, Add/Drop links/associations, Service configuration changes etc.

We provide a wide variety of training options for all aspects of the roaming business by our experienced trainers. The service is highly valuable for new or small operators that want to expand their operations in roaming with our products, as well as for operators with extensive roaming business that want to maintain and improve knowledge levels for Starhome Mach products. The training programs can be adapted and customized to meet the operator’s specific needs.