Smart HD-IoT

Smart HD-IoT

Improve Network Device Visibility

Whether active participants in the M2M/IoT market or simply hosting devices from other networks, MNOs today require device visibility and control – the ability to ‘see’ and control what is happening in their network to prevent vulnerabilities and ensure devices are managed properly. Moreover, effective device awareness is a prerequisite to enforce M2M partner agreements.

Starhome Mach’s Smart HD-IoT provides MNOs with a complete IoT view and analysis of the behavior patterns of IoT devices in their network, indicating whether they are generating cost or revenue, so that appropriate strategies can be adopted.

With Smart HD-IoT, MNOs can see data/SMS/voice and resource statistics, analyze device behavior, and identify QoS issues of local, inbound, outbound, or localized devices. Once all these are identified, they can actively respond and adapt behavior to maintain and increase profits. Responses may include renegotiating IoT agreements for roaming, creating tailored value-added services for different device segments, or automatically identifying, steering and blocking nonprofitable devices using Starhome Mach’s award-winning steering products.

HD-IoT Smart

  • Provides operators with a complete M2M view of devices and device behavior analysis by monitoring and identifying device types (domestic, inbound, outbound or localized)
  • Enables adoption of appropriate strategies to optimize and monetize IoT by analyzing device behavior patterns, generating statistics, and identifying QoS issues
  • Acts upon automatic or manual recommendations using Starhome Mach’s core network solutions such as real-time anti-fraud, usage control and steering of roaming