Roaming Advisor

Roaming Advisor helps operators to efficiently manage their roaming business and monitor their performance, both for the inbound and outbound roaming traffic. Roaming Advisor is a managed service providing customers with:

  • Pro-active alerts on KPI’s such as excessive peak or drop of traffic, unusual call patterns or average call duration per partner. Starhome Mach roaming specialists analyze the alerts, recommend actions and follow-up on the cases.
  • Traffic trends on a weekly or monthly basis, providing an overview on services usage, revenues, costs and top partners. 


  • Pro-active alerts and recommendations
  • Weekly or Monthly overview reports sent to the operators, suitable for management reviews
  • Follow-up and assistance to resolve identified issues


  • Revenue optimization: Identify and fix revenue loss as soon as possible
  • Outsourced solution managed by roaming experts: focus on core competencies by eliminating daily monitoring tasks
  • Automated monitoring: performant and full control of the roaming traffic. Don’t miss any revenue leakage, even the smallest one.