Virtual Home Environment

The Starhome Mach Virtual Home Environment (VHE) brings together two feature-rich solutions, Intelligent Call Assistant and Home Short Code, to create a roam-like-at-home environment.  The solution provides the same phone-book dialing experience while roaming, and combines numbers without the need for country code and sort codes.  The complementary solutions increase operator revenue and provide the best possible user experience.

Intelligent Call Assistant
The Intelligent Call Assistant* (ICA) has a rich user interface that allows seamless roaming call completion, native-language voice interaction and post-dialing SMS notification or any combination of the above. The solution answers the need of all roaming segments for both postpaid and prepaid and can be delivered as a full solution – inbound and outbound service for both CAMEL and non-CAMEL – or as a solution for one roaming segment only.

Home Short Code
The solution delivers calling line identification (CLI) delivery services and drives a higher call completion rate, creating greater levels of user satisfaction. Home Short Code is completely secure and prevents both fraud and voicemail hacking.

* The core technology of the Intelligent Call Assistant and Home Short Code solutions is patented in several countries.


  • Post-dialing analysis of all incomplete or misdialed calls to identify additional error patterns that may be corrected
  • Global numbering plan database – for both fixed-line and mobile numbering plans for all inbound roaming networks
  • Supports – flash SMS or standard SMS
  • Phone book dialing when abroad
  • Complete short code translation methods with global database support


  • Regains lost revenue via increased roaming call completion
  • Increases roaming revenue by 2% – 5%
  • Simplifies VAS dialing and access Improving customer satisfaction 
  • Fast return on investment
  • Quick time-to-market with minimum technical resources and investment