The roaming market has traditionally been served by point solutions, but the market has now changed. Complexity has increased significantly with the introduction of LTE and the need to support services such as Machine to Machine whilst regulations and competition continue to reduce margins. Our focus is to bring to market complete solutions which simplify the roaming managers life whilst optimizing and in some cases automating roaming management. To do this we have combined the strength of our network solutions with our data and financial clearing services, all under one business analytics and management environment. We call this unique portfolio our ‘plus portfolio’.

We believe that operators should not be left to integrate disparate products to solve specific issues. The plus portfolio empowers us to deliver complete solutions to real issues that you face today. For example

  • 360° Wholesale Management powered by Unity, unique in the market, which provides a complete view to manage the entire wholesale roaming business. Fed by the network and clearing layers, Unity continually analyzes network information and suggests online recommendations, and real-time automatic actions to prevent any loss of revenue
  • Active Roaming Anti-Fraud combining traditional NRTRDE with CAMEL transaction and fraudulent destination databases to provide a complete off net picture of fraud. Not only do we detect fraud fast but we can also block fraud, minimizing revenue loss.
  • Silent Roamer gives the ability to detect 100% of silent and low usage roamers in real time, and then to offer lower priced incentives and attractive roaming rates to promote usage. The addition of rerating in the clearing layer means that tariff packages can be designed and implemented without impact to the existing billing system.

Our solution portfolio will continue to grow driven by the issues our industry faces and the unique capabilities of the plus portfolio.