Complete Anti-Fraud Solution

Detecting and preventing roaming fraud is one of the biggest challenges faced by mobile operators today.

To effectively tackle roaming fraud, operators need a real-time solution that can work in conjunction with their existing FMS. A solution that includes an updated global database to not only detect fraud cases but also to prevent ongoing fraud is critical to protect loss of revenue.

The Starhome Mach Solution

Our Complete Anti-Fraud Solution provides operators with a new level of protection against fraud by incorporating real-time call tracking with the adjustment of users’ roaming profiles based dynamically on incoming evidence. Fraudulent and premium numbers are maintained globally; barring or blocking is implemented without impacting core network elements.

  • Planning – detects abnormal behavior and manages global fraudulent hotspots (includes IRSF, premium numbers) for anti-fraud activities using a cross-information dashboard.
  • Execution – real-time alerts and automatic blocking or barring mechanisms to prevent fraud activities.
  • Tracking – subscriber profiling based on individual expected behavior and fraud cases, prioritized
    according to business impact.
  • Analysis – roaming fraud wholesale effects, case drilldown tools and summary reports.


  • Minimize roaming fraud risks for inbound and outbound
  • Identify abnormal activities and their business impact
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring legitimate calls
  • Minimize fraud with real-time actionable analytics
  • Eliminate fraud-related disputes with roaming partners
  • Get information on suspicious destinations