Silent Roamers

The ability to detect 100% of silent and low usage roamers in real time is a key factor in capitalizing on this new source of revenue. Offering lower priced incentives and attractive roaming rates will promote data roaming usage.

You can empower silent and low-usage roamers by offering customized data roaming packages to meet their individual needs. Simple and easy to understand tariff plans, together with warning thresholds in real time, can have a positive impact on usage by increasing confidence. Moreover, providing subscribers with complete control to manage their data roaming charges will help to eliminate bill shock.

The Starhome Mach Solution

The Silent Roamers solution incorporates real-time data exchange files with network information to tackle silent roamers and low usage segments in four basic steps.


  • Planning – lets operators focus on meeting the needs of their subscribers with tools to identify the various segments and create the optimal strategies to reach these users. Emphasis is placed on usage patterns, visit duration and mobile device type.
  • Execution – creates effective outbound campaigns based on segment criteria to educate roamers and build confidence. Operators can support these campaigns by steering subscribers to preferred networks to achieve the best wholesale rates.
  • Tracking – optimizes campaigns in real time by processing information and monitoring data usage.
  • Analysis – subscriber and traffic reports provide a complete view of campaign impact. Results can
    be used to adjust the package offering, and in turn, further boost traffic.


  • Maximize roaming revenue by encouraging usage
  • Tap into new sources of growth
  • Reduce customer complaints and refunds
  • Gain customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Leverage network activities & billing data to identify valuable segments
  • Encourage traffic in preferred visited networks