360° Wholesale Management

To maximize revenue goals and maintain a strategic, competitive edge, operators need a real-time solution that incorporates every aspect of managing their roaming business – from one central point.

A real-time solution that can analyze cross data including wholesale strategy, traffic trends, steering methods, quality of service impact and subscriber behavior is essential in today’s roaming market. Real-time information about inbound and outbound traffic empowers roaming managers to take quick, informed and effective action, keeping the business revenues intact.

The Starhome Mach Solution

The Starhome Mach 360° Wholesale Management solution is powered by Unity, a unique dashboard, first in the market, which provides a complete view to manage the entire wholesale roaming business. Unity continually analyzes network information such as quality of service, steering parameters, and market share. It also manages all IOT agreements in one place, providing wholesale forecasts and retail margin analysis. Based on this information, Unity then suggests online recommendations and real-time automatic actions to prevent any loss of revenue.

360° Wholesale Management is completed using four basic steps.

  • Planning – enables operators to optimize and ensure their wholesale business is in line with
    strategy. Simulates IOT negotiations and predicted outcome.
  • Execution – a full set of tools and strategic recommendations to optimize roaming footprint, QoS,
    steering, IOT discounts and retail price plans.
  • Tracking – real-time monitoring of steering and QoS to meet IOT commitments and improve
    retail margins.
  • Analysis – real-time business analysis of global traffic, market share, customer behavior and
    retail plan. Results can be used to adjust IOT agreements and retail pricing.


  • 360° roaming view to enhance control and empower business value
  • Optimize QoS to leverage commercial opportunities
  • Reduce operating costs and achieve faster time-to-market
  • Real-time actionable analytics to optimize business strategy
  • Maximize revenue by adjusting steering with real-time analytics
  • Big data analytics to enrich wholesale business and encourage traffic