In the current roaming market, revenue margins are under pressure due to regulations and competition. Now, more than ever, the market is being driven by new requirements and the needs of subscribers. To meet these demands and provide your subscribers with the right service and quality in every situation, you need to be able to plan your roaming strategy precisely, taking your footprint, discount deals, steering, and retail management into account. Executing this strategy with real time adjustments, based on quality and analysis results, is key to optimizing your margins and customer satisfaction, but can be complex to tackle.

The Starhome Mach Unity Portal, included with all of our products, simplifies your life as a roaming manager. It helps you create a holistic view of your business by turning roaming information into actionable insights.

With intuitive and interactive dashboards and reports, you can sift, sort, and share real-time information to provide insights you can use to identify problems and opportunities.

  • Service and Partner Management:
    An operational layer that helps you to manage your partners, agreements and discount deals, configure your services and products and helps you to control and track your traffic.
  • Reporting and analytics:
    An analytical layer that, in addition to  standard product reporting, will help you to analyze your revenue and costs, your subscriber behavior, including the identification of your silent roamers, and the quality of services, it also helps you to analyze your inbound and outbound market share. With the right input your complete business can be analyzed within one single tool and environment.
  • Recommendation:
    We recognize that you, the roaming manager, do not have the time to perform analysis. Based on the different inputs and services provided, Unity will actively provide you with recommendations and alerts about your business that will help you to identify non-optimal scenarios, calculate the business impact and recommend a solution to optimize your business.
  • Action:
    Based on the selected service, Unity will help you to execute recommendations by directing you to the right configuration pages to make the necessary changes.
    For example: Based on your signaling, Unity can identify a QoS problem in one of your partners’ network that can negatively impact all your customers. Due to the high IOT, Unity will recommend that you steer only your VIP customers to a different network. This will be shown in Unity with a direct link to the steering configuration.

Based on the products and services you have selected from Starhome Mach, the higher the value when integrating the different products – as more recommendations will become available.

Every product or service is delivered with Unity, plus full service management. Unity acts as a partner management and service management solution. In the low level service management section, you will see a service dashboard (business and operational) that will help you to manage the service as well as operational service tools to configure and monitor Starhome Mach products.

Unity unites all Starhome Mach services and provides you with a unique overview of your roaming business to  help you to control your roaming lifecycle, from planning your wholesale and retail roaming strategy, through executing this strategy, to track the performance of the strategy and, finally to analyze the effectiveness of your strategy.