Differentiate Your Enterprise Customers Roaming Experience

Enable Visibility and Control to Avoid Bill Shock

Growing the Lucrative Enterprise Business

To more effectively compete for strategic enterprise business, it is critical to provide enterprise users greater control and visibility into employee and device roaming usage and patterns.

Moreover, to fully address this enterprise need you need to enable users with an automated solution for seamlessly managing connectivity and for detecting and taking action against behaviors that could negatively impact costs.

Empowering the Enterprise to Take Real-Time Actions Against Roaming Bill Shock

Leveraging on our telecoms expertise, Starhome Mach has a unique solution that you can leverage with your enterprise customers, to help them reduce roaming related costs and avoid bill shock.

With our solution they get greater visibility and control through automated tracking of service usage at all times, whether for employees, IoT devices, or any other device or product that has a SIM card. They also receive automatic alerts, based on dynamic thresholds, for easily taking real-time corrective actions.

We enable advanced segmentation, whether by enterprise customer type or by population within the enterprise, such as frequent sales travelers or management teams – for greater control via increased granularity.


A Win-Win Solution for You and the Enterprise

Differentiate your offering by giving your enterprise customers real-time tools for more efficient management of roaming employees and devices, to better control their costs and avoid bill shock while enjoying increased satisfaction, retention of enterprise customers and protecting roaming revenues.


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