Differentiated Your Enterprise IoT Service

Enable Device Roaming Visibility and Ensure IoT Quality of Service

The Enterprise IoT QoS Challenge

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), larger and larger numbers of smart devices are requiring reliable interconnections. Yet, this is a challenge for enterprises, who typically don’t have the means for controlling quality of service (QoS) assurance.

To capture the enterprise IoT business opportunity, you need to be able to commit to quality of service without compromising costs – both for the enterprise and for your own organization, while empowering the enterprise with visibility and control.

Empowering the Enterprise to Control and Ensure IoT QoS

Starhome Mach provides you with a unique solution that enables you to put quality and control in the hands of your enterprise customers, while confidently committing to IoT QoS. With real-time device monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting – QoS is enhanced and assured.

The solution is easy to deploy, enabling enterprise users with independent control. It allows for multiple users to acquire individual login credentials, so different users can have immediate and ongoing access to their device traffic only. Moreover, you can brand the white label solution, while optimizing steering for QoS and coverage.


Visibility. Control. Growth.

The result is the ability to grow your enterprise business by delivering complete visibility and control of IoT device connections while dramatically improving quality of service and your Enterprise customer satisfaction.


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