Our Experts

  • Daniella Torres
    Daniella Torres Director of Product Management

    Wholesale roaming consultancy, enhancing customer engagement

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  • Nick Wennekers
    Nick Wennekers Director of Product Management

    Machine Learning, analytics, big data
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  • Roee Forman
    Roee Forman Director, Presales & Product Management

    NFV and mobile networks
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  • Deborah Schneider
    Deborah Schneider Product Manager

    Financial clearing and blockchain
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  • Itzik Ben Yehuda
    Itzik Ben Yehuda Product Manager

    Fraud and Security
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  • Ido David
    Ido David Product Manager

    Steering, GDPR
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  • Caetano Pessoa
    Caetano Pessoa Solution Manager

    Translating business needs into targeted solutions
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  • Robin Boswell
    Robin Boswell Product Manager

    Wholesale negotiation and settlements
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  • Jordi Castellvi
    Jordi Castellvi Director, Product Management

    New technologies
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  • Eyal Rosenthal
    Eyal Rosenthal Director, Business Development and Analysis

    Market and competitive intelligence
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  • Andrew Lockett
    Andrew Lockett UX/UI Expert

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  • Matthias Lange
    Matthias Lange Director, Managed Services

    Clearing and analytics customer success
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  • Ilana Tidhar
    Ilana Tidhar Director, R&D

    Mobile networks protocols, system UI
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  • Anshuman Chaturvedi
    Anshuman Chaturvedi Director, Product Development

    Wholesale clearing and settlements development
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  • Udi Kazaz
    Udi Kazaz Director, Chief Architect

    Analytics, big data, and NFV
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  • Neitan Naamat
    Neitan Naamat Director, Support

    Ensuring customer success
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  • Yossi Eini
    Yossi Eini Director, Support & Operations

    Core network customer success
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  • Ruth Ozeri
    Ruth Ozeri Director, R&D

    Mobile networks protocols, Agile and SDLC
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