For Your Industry

Starhome Mach offers industry-specific solutions that address the unique needs of multiple high-growth, high-value markets.

Real-time insights. Value-driving actions. Answering business needs.

Starhome Mach provides solutions and services to a broad variety of industries leveraging our capabilities and know-how to best address the variety of customer needs.



Starhome Mach provides industry’s leading end-to-end roaming solutions for wholesale and retail to over 300 mobile operators. With our unique combination of real-time access to network and clearing data and big data analytics, we are the only company that provides both real-time insights and the ability to take data-driven, real-time actions to increase revenues, decrease costs, prevent fraud and optimize customer experience.



Starhome Mach provides a unique solution for cross-provider charging, invoicing and settlement, enabling charging station operators to allocate and settle charging transactions with a wide variety of eMobility service providers.



Starhome Mach enables operators to tap into the great potential of the lucrative enterprise market. By leveraging our unmatched experience and expertise in telecoms we help you enable your enterprise customers with the control they seek over the costs of their employees’ connectivity and that of every corporate device that contains a SIM. We provide visibility into roaming behaviors, as well as automated tools for taking the real-time actions that impact the bottom line.