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Starhome Mach Streamlines Management of Roaming Agreements

Tier One Global Operator Already Profits from Starhome Mach’s Unique Deal Analytics Solution

Macau, March 27, Starhome Mach, a global leader in mobile inter-carrier roaming, anti-fraud and IoT connectivity solutions, has launched its new generation Inter-operator Tariff Deal Analytics (IDA), a single wholesale discount management tool supporting the complete roaming wholesale lifecycle from negotiation through settlement.

IDA integrates 20 years of Starhome Mach experience to enable operators to maximize profit from their wholesale discount agreements. It links to both Starhome Mach’s Steering solution, ensuring deals stay on track, and its Financial Clearing for fast and efficient deal settlement.

Its simple-to-use management GUI supports the most complex deals in the market and enables roaming managers to actively simulate and settle discount agreements while optimizing cost and revenue. The solution is built around the Inter-operator Tariff (IOT) lifecycle, including forecasting, simulation and dynamic reporting.

“A Tier One operator recently implemented the system and is already seeing results,” said Guy Reiffer, VP of Clearing & Partnerships. “Instead of juggling spreadsheets across every operator, the roaming and steering team has a single online tool that tracks the roaming business on an on-going basis and enables taking real time action.”

IDA provides accurate status across all IOT agreements, creating an end-to-end process that allows the roaming manager to focus on maximizing profits. An inline tracker allows operators to understand how they should change their ceilings to meet their deals and automatically alerts them when it appears a deal will not be fulfilled. They simply need to change steering policy within the solution to put more traffic on the visited network to make and meet the deal.

“Today many operators are left managing complex discount deals across 400+ roaming partners using spreadsheets,” continued Reiffer. “Our new technology gives them real-time control, letting them automatically redirect steering to ensure fulfillment.”

The system allows operators control of both the home and visited networks. It considers all parameters, such as targets, commitments, and volume. Agreements can be organized group to group, affiliate to affiliate, group to affiliate, and individually. IDA delivers a single management tool that runs across network and clearing, so it automatically applies all rebates, refunds, and credit notes upon deal fulfillment.

The new solutions will be demonstrated by Starhome Mach’s roaming experts at WAS#5 Macau, 27-30 March 2017.

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Starhome Mach enables seamless and secure roaming and IoT connectivity. In 1999 Starhome Mach revolutionized the Mobile industry with the introduction of its game changing international roaming solutions. With an exceptional customer base that encompasses more than 300 mobile network operators in over 130 countries, including 24 leading telecom groups, Starhome Mach provides a comprehensive portfolio of value-added global roaming for wholesale and retail, clearing, IoT connectivity and real-time anti-fraud solutions. Starhome Mach’s innovative solutions overcome the complex challenges and unexpected obstacles of the hyper-connected world to drive real-time business impact and deliver outstanding user experience. Simple as that.

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