Got VoLTE? Then Get Smart!

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Why intelligent steering is a must for ensuring a great VoLTE customer experience (and protecting margins)


The Great VoLTE Opportunity

VoLTE is quickly taking over. The service has already been rolled out by over
140 operators worldwide, is available in 63 countries, and is supported by over 1200 different devices.

Indeed, the VoLTE promise is great, as it:

  • Delivers a better voice experience to subscribers;
  • Enables a multitude of value-added services such as HD voice and video telephony;
  • Reduces the cost of calls and overall operations.

Moreover, for operators, VoLTE also eliminates the need to have voice on one network and data on another and provides a rapid call establishment time, among many other benefits.

For consumers, it increases handset battery life by 40% (compared with VoIP), and stands to profoundly extend the boundaries of the digital lifestyle, as it is being integrated more and more into smart devices such as IoT modules and wearables.

It is no surprise, then, that VoLTE subscriptions are expected to account for over $280 billion in annual service revenue by 2021, representing growth at an annual compound rate of 30% (Business Insider).


On Your Mark, Get Set, VoLTE!

The race to tap into the VoLTE opportunity is on. According to a recent report, in certain markets, operators have not only rolled out VoLTE, but have actually even begun the process of switching off their legacy circuit-switched 2G and 3G networks. And, more and more roaming and interoperability agreements are being put in place.

Yet, as operators migrate from the highly reliable, high-quality voice services that are delivered by current circuit-switched technology, it is critical that they ensure the same levels of reliability and quality with the new digital (VoLTE) service.


It Ain’t Easy Being VoLTE

“Getting the VoLTE services right is key to reducing customer churn.” (Analysys Mason)


Though, maintaining reliability and quality can be a challenge. The transformation from a fully converged IP voice and data network adds numerous complexities, such as requiring both IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) and EPC (Evolved Packet Core) implementation.

Moreover, while the roll out is quickly accelerating, VoLTE is still not available everywhere on every network, nor on every handset. And so, steering that is optimized for the customer experience (and for margins) poses another strategic challenge. Operators who have subscribers accustomed to the richness and clarity of the VoLTE service – need to make sure that when these subscribers are roaming, they can still benefit from a great experience whenever, wherever possible.

What’s more, operators also need to make sure that they steer these roamers to the best network, not only in terms of experience, but also in terms of band and coverage availability, with a view to protecting profitability.


It’s Time For of Real Time

Protecting the customer experience and margins in a VoLTE world is no simple task. Operators need to be able to detect multiple variables in real time and take immediate actions that are based on this information.

They need to know in real time, for example:

  • Is the roaming subscriber a VoLTE customer?
  • What is the subscriber’s device type, and does it support VoLTE?
  • Is there a relevant VoLTE roaming agreement in place at that location?
  • What is the location of the subscriber?
  • Is there a VoLTE option at the subscriber’s location within the network/country?
  • To which network should the subscriber be steered for delivering the best quality of service while ensuring profitability?

But, without real-time access to “live” network data, without AI-driven smarts to identify and calculate the best options, and without automated and real-time steering actions – none of this is possible.

And when it’s not possible, the result is compromised customer satisfaction and a negative impact on margins.


The 3 Must Have’s For Intelligent VoLTE Steering

At Starhome Mach, we bring you this critical mix of capabilities, enabling you to move into the age of VoLTE and capture the opportunity:

  • Real-time access to required data
  • Advanced intelligence and analytics
  • Real-time actions

Further to our deep presence in the networks of over 300 operators worldwide, we have unmatched real-time access to real-time network data, as well as to clearing and 3rd party system data.

Moreover, we have developed a sophisticated algorithm that enables operators to automatically analyze and determine in real time the answers to the above questions (among others).

And, our solutions enable operators with automated real-time actions that maximize the VoLTE experience and profitability, and which can seamlessly adapt to the different and varied policies and processes of every operator.


If you’re looking for some intelligent steering to maximize the VoLTE opportunity we invite you to get in touch with us at

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