Identifying Fraud in your clearing environment

Protect against revenue loss

Detect and prevent roaming fraud

Detecting and preventing roaming fraud is one of the biggest challenges faced by mobile operators today.

To effectively tackle roaming fraud and protect against revenue loss, operators need to be able to detect anomalies.

Complete Fraud Protection in Clearing

As the most experienced clearing house in the industry with unmatched access to network data, Starhome Mach enables operators to detect fraudulent activities based on NRT and Tap files data. Our solution provides a new level of protection against fraud by incorporating call tracking and alerting.

The Starhome Mach solution accesses network data, analyzes it, generates the NRTRDE files, and sends them to the operator along with alerts about potential fraud. We also provide drill down tools and summary reports for ongoing analysis and optimization.

Easy to implement, the clearing fraud solution is a cost-effective way to detect and prevent potential fraud activities without the need to invest in an extensive roaming FMS solution.


Cost Effective Anti-Fraud solution

With our solution you can protect against revenue loss due to fraudulent activity in your clearing environment in a cost-effective way and assure the customer experience.


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