Intelligent VoLTE Steering 

Detect VoLTE Subscribers Automatically and Simplify Steering

Ensuring Enhanced User Experience While Maintaining Profit

Delivering voice services via LTE (VoLTE) is slated to be a game changer for service providers. And, while it is still in the roll-out phase, due to the great promise it brings for enabling value-added services, it is no surprise that VoLTE subscriptions are expected to account for over $280 billion in annual service revenue by 2021.

Yet, capturing the VoLTE opportunity is not easy. Namely, it is challenging to know how to steer customers to the right network, so they can receive the service they expect from a VoLTE network, while you maintain profitability.

Enhance Customer Experience in a VoLTE Roaming World

Starhome Mach enables you to overcome these challenges with a real-time understanding of the VoLTE roaming context.

We have developed a sophisticated algorithm that enables you to automatically determine in real time, whether or not the roamer is a VoLTE customer, what is the device type, the subscriber’s location, whether there is a VoLTE option and a relevant agreement in place. Then, you can seamlessly and automatically steer the customer to the best network in terms of quality of service and profitability.


Improved Customer Satisfaction. Reduced Costs. Increased Profitability.

In the ever-dynamic VoLTE roaming era, where decisions need to be made in real time to deliver the best service while optimizing costs, we bring you the solution that enables you to move into the age of VoLTE and capture the revenue opportunity.


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