Press Release

Major Telecommunication Operator Group shows Continuing Trust in Starhome Mach with Multi-Million Euro Purchase Order Starhome Mach selected once again for the Group’s clearing business and for a real-time service to enable subscribers to control mobile expense

Zurich, September 25th , 2017 – A major telecommunication operator group has awarded Starhome Mach a project for a service that enables the operators’ subscribers to monitor and control their cellular device expenditures. The group also renewed its existing contract with Starhome Mach for the group’s clearing business. The total purchase order is for a mid-7-figure Euro amount.

The real-time expense control service leverages Starhome Mach’s extensive clearing house experience and analytics expertise. The service, which is provided in Starhome Mach’s cloud, protects subscribers from excessive expenditure arising from mobile data usage. This, in turn, improves customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduces the need for customer care support.

The solution is a result of the unique synergy between value added network services and clearing services exclusively offered by Starhome Mach. As the solution will exploit the existing service and infrastructure, its deployment is expected to be quick, simple and seamless.

“The significance of this order is the clear demonstration of the confidence and trust that mobile operators have in Starhome Mach,” said Marom Ben-Menachem, Starhome Mach’s Vice President EMEA. “I am proud that our commitment to meet, and anticipate, the needs of our mobile operator customers in a rapidly changing and challenging environment are appreciated in the very competitive market place in which we operate”.