Maximize Data Roaming Potential

Overcome the Challenges of New Roaming Regulations

Multiple Regulations, Multiple Challenges

Roaming regulations such as “Roam-Like-At-Home” (RLAH), “Roam Like Local,” and “Roaming Without Boundaries,” are introducing a new revenues challenge to the wholesale business, as it enforces putting a cap on roaming charges . Moreover, it is also poses a challenge for ensuring fair use, and avoiding the relevant resulting damages.

Accordingly, it is critical to be able to monitor and detect fair usage, as well as the abuse of data packages in real time, to reduce revenue loss and decrease wholesale costs.

Detect and Prevent Abuse in Real Time

Based on our extensive clearing experience and expertise, Starhome Mach offers you seamless and automatic revenue protection and abuse prevention capabilities. With our quick-and-easy-to-deploy, end-to-end solution, we access and analyze data – usage of different subscriber segments (e.g. prepaid, postpaid, enterprise, IoT) and along with presence analysis, we deliver real-time insights and enable immediate, corrective action.

To reduce costs, we help you automatically steer roamers to the network that is optimal in terms of the wholesale agreement. We also provide full visibility into permanent roamers. And, should abuse be detected – you can immediately notify customer service of abuse, to take action by throttling or blocking data consumption, if necessary.


Reduce wholesale costs. Prevent abuse. Drive new revenues.

We enable you to streamline inter-operator clearing and take immediate action to protect roaming revenues by reducing costs and preventing abuse. Moreover, you can also drive revenues by segmenting, scoring, and targeting specific subscriber clusters, such as silent roamers, to make targeted campaigns that increase revenue.


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