Maximize Roaming Profitability

Gain Insights Into Your Roaming Profitability And Take Actions In Real Time

Maximizing Profits In A Dynamic And Unpredictable Environment

Driving profits from the roaming business has never been more challenging. Multiple factors are impacting growth, including Roam-Like-At-Home, advanced bundles for retail customers, and increasing interconnect and termination costs.

Being able to maintain profitability in an ever-more challenging market environment, requires a holistic and real-time view of subscriber profitability with the ability to make changes in real time. However, accessing data in real time and being able to take the most appropriate action on-the-fly is the main challenge.

Real-Time Profitability Insights for Taking Immediate Actions

Starhome Mach provides you with unprecedented visibility into roaming subscriber behaviors and how these impact profitability, as well as for taking real-time action to make required changes .

You can receive notifications about real-time events and take automated and/or ad-hoc actions for steering, throttling, service barring, and repricing, among others.


Agility and Measurable Results

The result is being able to achieve strategic objectives by responding quickly to market trends and adapting to subscriber behaviors, to protect the health and margins of your roaming business.


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