Optimize Wholesale Discount Agreements

Predict, Simulate, and Control the Roaming Budget

The Search of A Profitable Balance

As we know, the aim of the roaming business is to achieve the lowest cost base of outbound roamers, while securing the highest possible rate for inbound roamers. Achieving this balance, though, is a challenge.

It requires calculating mounds of data, reviewing hundreds of agreements with wholesale partners, as well as dozens to hundreds of different rates and modules, to arrive at the best steering decision for both customers and your organization.

Real-Time Insights for Meeting Business Objectives

With Starhome Mach’s unique, cloud-based, state-of-the-art platform, along with our data lake and clearing expertise, we help you simulate the different options and forecast reliably for the near- and long-term.

Our unique and sophisticated analytics algorithm enables you to monitor, track, forecast, and review all the different scenarios so you can determine the most profitable rate per roamer.


Simplify the complexity. Grow profitability.

With these differentiating real-time capabilities, you can take quick, informed, and effective actions to better control outbound costs as well as boost inbound revenues, and improve the bottom line.


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