Seamless eMobility Monetization

Accelerate and Simplify eMobility Billing, Invoicing, & Settlement

How To Streamline Many-To-Many Settlement

When travelling, electric vehicle (EV) drivers will often find that they need to use charging stations that are not necessarily covered by their subscription provider. As such, eRoaming has become central for enabling them to charge at any station.

This, in turn, requires charging station owners to be able to bill the EV driver’s subscription provider at the wholesale level, so that retail charges can be passed to the end user. This is a great challenge though, involving labor- and time-intensive manual work, tracking agreements, rates, and terms across multiple spread sheets.

Accelerate and Simplify eMobility  Settlement

Starhome Mach provides integrated settlement, billing, and invoicing services for managing the many-to-many eMobility business. With our field-proven settlement services, we help you manage contacts with eMobility service providers (EMPs) and hubs, and enable a more agile and seamless operation that drives rapid growth.

In addition, we provide B2C billing services for service providers to bill drivers and corporate accounts.


A New Dawn for eMobility Monetization

As a result, charging point operators and eMobility providers can concentrate on expanding coverage and connectivity with rating, billing, invoicing and settlement managed centrally– opening a new world of transparency, simplicity, and efficient cooperation and accelerating mobility monetization.


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